Texas Norvell Fire and Security, Inc. provides a wide range of packages that meets your quality of protection.  Starting with security systems for retail shops and restaurants to completely integrated systems for high rise office complexes. Your company’s security can include intrusion detection with multiple user codes to identify who uses the system. Camera surveillance to detect internal and external theft. Hold-up notification, and even access control to supervise entry into and within your building. No matter how big or small your business, we have the right system for you. Texas Norvell Fire and Security, Inc. knows that your company is going to grow through out the years. With that in mind our diverse selection of systems allows us to plan and design a program to keep pace with your changing requirements.



Founded in 1998 by Jim Nixon, who is highly respected in the industry, Texas Norvell Fire and Security, Inc. Has developed into one of the leading providers to supply all of your low voltage needs. We are a company that is recognized for systems integration. We specialize in areas from small security systems to large-scale server based systems, seamlessly integrating access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, visitor management, nurse calls, phone, data, cable, fiber, and code conforming fire alarm systems. Texas Norvell Fire and Security, Inc. Has the knowledge, experience, and products to meet and exceed your expectations.


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